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Wondering how virtual test drive would be in the future? we're there already!

Augmented Reality Coming Soon
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When you fall in love with that perfect vehicle and are considering purchasing it, one of the most important things you need to ascertain is how well it measures up in stopping automatically to avoid collisions. It’s pretty difficult to see for yourself how a car you are considering buying measures up for safety features, and know for sure that you are getting the protection you need. Toronto car enthusiasts know that while taking it for a test drive doesn’t accomplish this, augmented reality in a showroom can give you the answer.

A joint work partnership between Volvo Car Group and Microsoft Corp. is introducing Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality experiences to the automotive sector. As a result, with the technology of HoloLens augmented reality will soon be coming to the showrooms of Volvo dealerships everywhere. This amazing technology provides 3D holograms of cars in actual full size, offering cross-section views of a car’s parts, and test drive enactments in holographic demonstrations. The best part of this huge step taken by Volvo is that the safety features and semi-autonomous driving systems of Volvo vehicles will be highlighted. This comes in tandem with Volvo’s current marketing focus on safety and its Swedish design.

View the Volvo Cars Microsoft HoloLens

A Richer, More Fully Textured Experience Available Through Holograms

Volvo is the first automotive partner of Microsoft to utilize the HoloLens, and both parties have plans to work together on other innovative technologies for the automotive market. In the words of Thomas Andersson, Vice President of Global Marketing for Volvo Car Group, “The opportunity with mixed reality is that you can get under the skin of the car. It’s a much richer experience with more texture to it.”

In addition to working with Volvo, Microsoft is seeking to ignite other corporate interest in HoloLens, and just finished a HoloLens tour throughout Canada and the U.S. that covered 11 cities where it demonstrated the high-tech device. Recent tests were also conducted in Nissan showrooms that included demonstrations of the 2013 Pathfinder using Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor device.

Mock Showroom Displays Cars of the Future Too

One of the benefits of the hologram system is that it provides auto manufacturers with the opportunity to display cars that haven’t been built yet to consumers hungry for new models with the latest features. It’s possible that Volvo may add tools to enable users to experience augmented reality right within a car by wearing the headset while sitting in the vehicle.

Another interesting feature is a hologram that completely visualized all of the various trims and colours available in a model, showing off some key extras that the car designers selected as the most noteworthy. This opens up the possibilities of multiple demos for showrooms that may have few cars in each car model.

Along with test drives, augmented reality experiences within a car, and informative style views, HoloLens will offer customers the chance to customize their own car to suit their own tastes and needs. Mixed reality will soon be arriving in the automotive sector to allow consumers to choose everything you want exactly the way you want it – from rims and colours to every available feature, as well as services too.

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