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Exterior and Interior Detailing

Your car, truck or SUV is your palace, and at Ontario Chrysler we take care of your vehicle inside and out with our exterior and interior detailing services. We help you to make your vehicle look as great as it did when you bought it.

Our exterior detailing is a lot more than just a car wash. We give your vehicle a hands-on, high quality cleaning from top to bottom by removing all of the residue, dirt and scratches that have happened while it was exposed to the roads and highways. There are a lot of potential hazards that our exterior detailing services target, including loose gravel, road salt, debris from the road and construction zones. Our professionals make your vehicle look spanking new, with its lustre renewed and a great appearance that will last for a long time. There is nothing like having the shine on your wheels and chrome restored again, or being able to look at your expertly cleaned glass, tires and wheels.

Included in exterior detailing are the following services:

  • Glass treatment that’s rain repellent
  • Repair of scratches
  • Hi-speed polishing of your vehicle
  • Restoration of headlight covers
  • Restoration of clay paint
  • Paint protection
  • Repair of chips on your windshield

Our interior detailing services are second to none, and we include a variety of quality products that are the top in their industry. Included in our interior detailing services are:

  • Conditioning of leather interiors
  • Defense against germs

We can complete exterior and interior detailing of your vehicle in a short period of time. Contact us to book your next appointment!

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