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Demo 2023 and 2024 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram | Cars, Trucks, SUVs, & Minivans For Sale | Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario

Demo vehicles offer a unique blend of value and near-new condition, serving as an attractive option for those seeking the latest automotive models at a discounted price. These vehicles have been lightly used for test drives or as dealership display models, meaning they come with some mileage but still retain most of their original manufacturer’s warranty.

More Than 700 New Vehicles in Stock

While financing options are readily available, customization possibilities might be limited compared to brand-new purchases. Buyers interested in demo vehicles should consider their slightly used status, the mileage they come with, and the remaining warranty coverage. For those looking to enjoy the latest features and technologies without the full cost of a new car, demo vehicles present an appealing compromise.


What is a demo vehicle?

A demo vehicle is a car that has been used by dealership staff or for test drives by potential customers. These vehicles are often sold with a discount and come with the remaining factory warranty, offering a balance between new and used vehicles in terms of price and condition.

Are demo vehicles considered new or used?

Demo vehicles straddle the line between new and used. They are technically new because they haven’t been registered to an owner, but they have mileage and may show minimal wear from test drives and showroom display, which reflects in their pricing.

What is the warranty status of a demo vehicle?

Demo vehicles typically come with the remaining balance of the manufacturer’s warranty. Since these cars have already been in use, the warranty period begins from the vehicle’s service date (when it was first used by the dealership), not the date of sale.

Can I finance the purchase of a demo vehicle?

Yes, financing options for demo vehicles are similar to those for new cars. Customers can avail of competitive financing rates offered by dealerships or their financial partners.

How do I know if a demo vehicle is right for me?

If you’re seeking the latest model with potentially higher specifications at a price lower than a brand-new car, a demo vehicle could be an excellent choice. It’s ideal for buyers looking for a balance between new-car experience and value for money.

Do demo vehicles have any mileage?

Yes, demo vehicles have mileage, which varies depending on their use by dealership staff or for test drives. Mileage is typically lower than that of traditional used cars.

Can I still customize a demo vehicle?

Customization options for demo vehicles might be limited compared to ordering a new car directly from the factory. However, dealers often equip demo vehicles with popular features and packages to appeal to a broad range of customers.

For any further questions or to schedule a test drive, please contact our sales team at 905-625-8801

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