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Diesel Engine Inspection

We are the oldest and largest Diesel Engine Repair Shops in the GTA. Most Dealerships use our Diesel service shop and expertise to fix their Diesel Cars, Trucks, or SUVs. We have dedicated Diesel technicians that have 20+ years experience who will make sure your Diesel Vehicle is fixed or inspected properly.

To keep your diesel engine protected it is crucial to make sure that its components are running properly and stay healthy. There are many different things that threaten the health of your diesel engine such as fuel that is poor quality and has contaminants or high sulfer, poor air filtration, malfunctions of the fuel injector or turbocharger, leaks of the coolant, worn valve guides, or too much blow-by, and we can inspect and repair every part of it.

You can benefit by having your diesel engine checked by getting an increased capacity in its productivity. After having a diesel engine inspected and repaired, fewer engine parts need replacing and there is less lubricant consumption. You also benefit from having more effective maintenance control and improvements regarding environmental and safety measures.
When we inspect your diesel engine, we check and record the condition of your diesel engine’s internal components. During regular preventative maintenance or in response to anything abnormal, we conduct borescope inspections.

Precautions We Take When Inspecting and Repairing Your Diesel Engine When inspecting and repairing your diesel engine we focus on health, safety and the environment. Since we are attuned to all of the hazards of storing, using and handling petroleum products, we strictly observe and follow all the appropriate safety and environment rules and practices. We also verify the proper tagging, potential explosion hazards and the electrical and mechanical lockout of the equipment. We can provide recommendations on how to reduce any hazards associated with leakage or spill. Contact us to find out more about diesel engine inspection and repair.

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