Exhaust Repair

Keeping your muffler and exhaust systems in good working order is an important way to keep your vehicle running well. The exhaust system is responsible for reducing noise and more importantly, for ensuring that as little as possible emissions from your car enter the atmosphere. If your muffler and exhaust are functioning properly they sound great and they’re better for you and the environment.

Your emission system makes your car run cleaner, smoother and quieter, and the entire exhaust system begins at the front of your vehicle right behind the engine. The exhaust manifolds collect exhaust gases at the cylinder heads where they are connected. Then the gases are transported through the exhaust system and are analyzed by oxygen sensors. The catalytic converter then refines the gases and the muffler muffles them.

Mufflers can last for many years now because of the advancements since the 1990’s. Exhaust systems are now made of stainless steel, with computers controlling their modern engine management systems.

But any of the components of your exhaust system can fall into disrepair, and if they’re faulty it can cause a lot of problems from bad emissions to a poor gas mileage. When you first see smoke coming from your exhaust pipe it’s usually nothing serious, but after the engine has been running at operating temperature and if it emits smoke, then your exhaust system should be looked at and repaired. The whole exhaust system is quite complex but our experts can repair the problem quickly and efficiently. Contact us for more information about your vehicle’s exhaust system.

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