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Good fuel economy is a priority for all Toronto drivers, and it’s important to know everything that can be done to maximize the fuel economy of your truck, car or SUV. Ensuring that the air induction system is clean can help. Your vehicle’s induction system is responsible for metering and directing the air flow to your vehicle’s engine, and if the induction system’s throttle body becomes dirty, the airflow can be obstructed which causes less fuel economy.The result of a dirty throttle body is that many of the associated components beyond it also get dirty. Some of other associated problems can result, including the accumulation of deposits on the intake valve, ports, injectors, combustion chambers and fuel injectors that lead to a rough idle, power loss, misfire, knocking, and difficulty starting.

Our fuel and air induction experts clean fuel injectors, throttle bodies, as well as many other components including the air intake and plenum, and the intake ports and valves. We also remove the combustion chamber deposits and adjust the balance of air and fuel in the system so they are correct. This results in not only increased fuel economy, but also restored horsepower and reduced emissions for your vehicle. After our fuel and induction services, your vehicle will also run quieter, and idle and start more smoothly.

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