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In July 2016, Ontario will be introducing tougher safety standards for used vehicles. This is the first time the Ontario Ministry of Transport (MTO) will have changed the standards in 42 years. Now in order for a used vehicle to be rated as roadworthy, it must pass a new set of requirements that will become effective on July 1st.Areas affected include all ten sections of the Passenger/Light Duty Vehicle Inspection Standard, also known as Regulation 611. A vehicle’s powertrain, suspension, brakes, steering, instruments, lamps, electrical, body, tires, wheels and coupling devices all have new checks included in the revised Regulation.

Some of the changes include:

  • A deeper minimum tread depth will be required in a vehicle’s tires, and if any single point of a tire’s tread falls below the required minimum, it will fail the safety inspection
  • The powertrain will include new checks of the throttle actuator, gas pedal, driveshafts, exhaust system, clutch and clutch pedals, differentials, gear shifter and position indicator, engine and transmission mounts, fuel system and drive belt pulleys
  • All door hinges, handles and latches will be more rigorously inspected, and safety protection systems like seatbelt pre-tensioners and air bags will be tested
  • A used vehicle’s structural integrity will be tested for a wear, damage or deficiencies or loss of components, as well as any suspected improper repair
  • The number of diodes in LED turn indicators and brake lights will be checked, and vehicle wiring, windshield wiper function, speedometer, horn and odometer will all have to meet prescribed standards
  • Steering systems will be stringently examined, as will anti-lock brakes, stability control systems, brake lining thickness, and suspension systems, shock/struts and bushings

Read more about the revised vehicle safety standards and contact us with any questions.

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