Oil Change near me And Filter Change in Toronto & Mississauga, Ontario

Oil & Filter Change

One of the most important vehicle maintenance activities you can do to make sure your car is running well is to change its engine oil and filter. As time goes on, various contaminants can clog your filter and your oil can break down. Although it depends on the type of vehicle you have and what your driving habits are like, every 4,800 kilometres or every 32,000 kilometres can be the recommended intervals when the oil and filter on your vehicle need to be changed. But since changing your oil is quite easy as well as inexpensive, the sooner you look after this yourself the better.

  • Jack Up the Vehicle
  • After you pull your car into a level ground space with adequate working area, let the car idle for a few minutes to warm up the oil. When you drain the oil, make sure you exercise the utmost caution. After leaving the car and applying the parking brake, install blocks to restrain your tires. Then locate the vehicle’s jacking points and jack up the vehicle, placing jack stands on jacking points. Place the oil drain pan underneath the engine, and then let the car site for about 10 minutes so that it cools down.
  • Drain the Oil
  • Remove the oil cap, then locate the engine drain plug and remove it. You will have to wait for a few minutes while the oil drains out of the car. When it has all run out, replace the plug and put a new washer and gasket on the drain plug.
  • Replace the Oil Filter
  • Unscrew the oil filter and ensure the drain pan is right underneath it. Prepare the new filter and install it, tightening the filter until the gasket touches and then by turning it a quarter more.
  • Add the New Oil
  • At the fill hole add the new oil to your vehicle. Start the engine after it’s filled and run it for a couple of minutes to increase the pressure. Pull out the dipstick and check oil levels.
  • Dispose of the Oil
  • To dispose of the oil, transfer it to a sealing container, ensuring the oil filter is drained. Recycle if possible.

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