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Peace of Mind Inspection

At Ontario Chrysler, Toronto drivers can have peace of mind whenever a new season is coming up and you want to ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road. We offer a special Peace of Mind Inspection that checks how your vehicle is operating, how its mechanical components are functioning, and assesses any damage that was incurred in previous accidents.

This inspection covers all the bases in keeping you safe, and includes:

  • A check to see how well your battery is operating
  • A road test
  • Inspection of your rear and front brakes
  • A heating system check
  • A cooling system check
  • Inspection of your vehicle’s wipers
  • A check to make sure your defrosters and heaters are working well
  • An oil change
  • Fluid levels top-up

A Peace of Mind Vehicle Inspection is not only a great way to prepare your vehicle for the new season, it’s also a good idea when you are planning to buy a particular used vehicle and want to have it checked over for mechanical soundness and previous damage. In another situation, if you have just purchased a used vehicle and you think it looks great, you may want to have an inspection to feel secure that your newly-purchased vehicle’s mechanics are in good order. There are many reasons that you might want peace of mind about a vehicle, and the Peace of Mind Inspection can put your mind at ease. Contact us for more information on the inspection.

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