How Telematics Keep You Safe in Your Vehicle

Vehicle telematics receives information wirelessly from its black box that’s crash resistant, so that you can’t get lost or be unsafe or unable to call 911. It means everything from infotainment and communications to navigation, security and your ultimate safety.

One of the features of vehicle telematics is a notification feature that calls a call centre to get help in the event of a crash. Another telematics feature is emergency assistance that delivers aid in the event of an emergency that isn’t collision-related. There is also Good Samaritan assistance where you can summon help for others who have been in an accident.

Navigation, traveler services, remote horn, remote start, gas price finder features, stolen vehicle tracking assistance, local search, sports/news/stock information, traffic and weather information, remote lights, streaming media and text messages are just some of the useful ways that telematics is used. Other telematics features are roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, help with a mechanical breakdown, vehicle health report, assistance with a flat tire or a fuel refill. A helpful feature of telematics’ vehicle diagnostics feature is that in addition to a monthly email report outlining your car’s condition, you can also order a diagnostic report at any time to send directly to your dealer to keep everyone on the same page about your car, truck or SUV.

Currently, the 3G telematics modems are updating to 4G, which will enable a multi-user WiFi hotspot in your car where streaming video and web browsing can all occur simultaneously without the system getting bogged down.

A way that telematics is truly convenient is if you forget your cell phone and use your telematics modem to make necessary calls, paying by the minute. Vehicle locator and vehicle alarm notification are also there to help you out when you can’t find your car or if your alarm goes off by mistake. Where telematics becomes truly high-tech is by updating its own software just through a USB key that you can receive by mail. This is a great way to save you time rather than going into your dealership for vehicle software updates.

Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hybrid vehicles all require telematics to provide information on when a battery becomes fully charged or requires charging. Your smartphone or web browser can give you reports on the level of charge, and even book a charge at night-time when rates are lower.

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