Refinancing Car Loans


If you have low credit and are looking to purchase a new vehicle you may feel concerned about the interest rates available to you. There is no denying that bad credit loans for auto or any other reasons will typically mean higher interest rates. But this doesn’t have to be something to panic about. In fact, you can use your auto loan to help you boost your credit score. Once your score is better, you can begin to refinance your vehicle and save money on your car payments.

At Ontario Chrysler, we are always here to help you get into a car you love at a financing rate that works for you. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle to refinance later or simply wish to refinance the vehicle you currently own, we can help. Contact us today to discuss refinancing a car loan and your refinance needs. Also, check out our current used vehicles and new car inventory to see if a trade-in might be the right move for you.

What Will My Loan Interest Rate Be?

When you are considering refinancing a car loan, the interest rate and length of term will likely be your top consideration. Your interest rate will vary based on your credit score. Learn more about car loan interest rates and contact us to discuss your refinancing needs.

Will I Qualify for a Loan If I Have Bad Credit?

We offer guaranteed auto loans and are here to make getting approved for a car loan easier. If you have bad credit, we can help. Contact us today and see our tips on qualifying for car loan financing with bad credit.

Can I Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy?

It is possible to obtain a car loan after filing for bankruptcy. See our tips for car loan financing after bankruptcy to learn more about how you can set yourself up for success. Don’t forget that refinancing is a great solution to helping you build credit and lower your interest rate.