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RAM Truck Repair

When it comes to servicing and repairing your Ram, you’ll want to ensure your truck is in good hands. The mechanic and service experts at Ontario Chrysler are the professionals you can trust when looking for Dodge Ram service near me. We are always available to help you complete routine service or get to the bottom of more intensive repair services and are the Ram mechanic, auto repair shop that you can depend on.

If you are in need of Ram repairs our Ram repair shop is ready to accept your booking request. Conveniently schedule your appointment online or give a member of our Dodge Ram service centre a call. We look forward to keeping your Ram running optimally. We are the mechanic Mississauga residents depend on.

Can I Wait for My Service to Be Completed?

Whether you would like to stay and wait for your service to be completed or need to get to work, school or back home we have you covered. Feel free to wait in our comfortable customer lounge or make use of our complimentary customer shuttle. We make servicing your Ram truck simple, comfortable and convenient.

What Is the Ram Maintenance Schedule?

A Ram Maintenance Schedule shows a list of tasks that our auto technicians perform on your Ram vehicle to keep it in peak running conditions, such as changing the oil or examining the brake lines. The schedule is listed in your truck owner’s manual, or you can check our FAQ for Ram maintenance with recommendations from our auto repair experts.

The intervals between each task are usually given in kilometres. However, if you want to know how distance translates to time, Canadian drivers average 15,200 kilometres per year and those in Ontario average 16,000 kilometres per year. This is according to Natural Resources Canada.

Are There Differences in Maintaining Different Ram 4×4 Trucks?

The tasks and intervals listed previously generally apply to the Ram 1500. We perform the same tasks for your Heavy Duty Ram 2500 0r 3500 or Chassis Cab Trucks though do so at different intervals.

For example, we perform the inspections and replacements listed for 32,000 and 48,000 kilometres at 32,000 kilometres and every 32,000 kilometres after that.

However, oil changes, replacements of air filters, and tasks related to inspecting and replacing the engine coolant and transfer case fluid happen at the same intervals.

What Is the Maintenance Schedule for the Ram ProMaster Like?

Maintaining the Ram ProMaster entails the same schedule as the Ram 1500 but with fewer tasks:
Oil changes are shown by the Oil Change Indicator System with the same recommendations to rotate tires, check and fill other fluids, and inspect the battery, hoses, and other components at the same time.

Beginning at 32,000 kilometres and every 32,000 kilometres after that, we inspect and replace, if needed, the front suspension, tie rod ends, boot seals. We also replace the cabin/air conditioning fluid. The brake fluid is replaced every two years.

Beginning at 48,000 kilometres and every 48,000 kilometres after that, we inspect the CV joints and replace the engine filter.

At 96,000 and 192,000 kilometres, we change the automatic transmission fluid and filter, and at 160,000 kilometres, we inspect and replace the PCV valve if needed.

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