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WIADVISOR Introduces High-End Customer Experience to Ontario Chrysler Service Customers

You're on your way to your automotive dealer's service department and you're in a hurry tonight, as usual. Your accountant called today in a panic for a receipt still required to file your tax return, your son's first baseball game is tonight, and you still have to pick up your laptop that's in the shop being repaired and you need it tonight to finish some late night work. But beforehand, you have to get your car looked at because of some strange sounds you've heard coming from the engine recently. What exactly needs to be serviced in your car? You don't know, and you don't want to spend hours in a service department waiting room first having the problem diagnosed, and then having the work done. Time is short.

Well, WIADVISOR is here to save the day and make everything go faster for you. As the first automaker to provide a tablet with factory-connected technology in the service lane, members of the Chrysler customer service desk are stepping out to make your visit go much smoother and faster than ever before. Not only can your favourite automotive service provider inspect your vehicle with a sophisticated tool and add any problems with it to a tablet with just a tap, any work that needs to be done can be communicated to you and the service technician simultaneously. The repair package quote and all reception documents are printed quickly and the order is sent along before you know it.

WIADVISOR Helps Your Service Department to Engage More with You, Not with Entering Data

Have you ever checked into your favourite high-end hotel on vacation and been pleasantly surprised that they already have your important guest information logged into their computer system, even though you don't remember exactly what trip it was when you gave it to them? With surprise, you smile back at the concierge and breathe a sigh of relief that you don't have to dig up your postal code or vehicle license plate information to register anymore. It seems crazy to you how well they seem to know you, but you take it all in your stride! After all, it brings you a few seconds closer to relaxing happily on your vacation.You can now experience that same relief when booking and driving up to our Service Lane! With the same welcoming smile and efficient intake information about your vehicle, our service staff will give you the same genuine, time-saving welcome! We'll just plug our wireless service advisor device into your car's onboard diagnostic port, and Voilà! your car's service history, current odometer and information from your owner's manual will all pop up on our tablet and your device for all of us to see.

Sit Back and Relax as Our Wireless Service Advisor WIADVISOR Takes Care of Your Car's Service Data

At our Service Lane with WIADVISOR, you won't have to shuffle through any papers or wait for anything. It's all available on the tablet that you are all connected to through the cloud. Here's a rundown of what you will experience with this wonderful new vehicle service platform:

1. As you pull into the service lane for your appointment, you will have checked in with WIADVISOR
2. Your entire customer profile, as well as the history of your vehicle and factory-required maintenance information is instantly provided on the tablet (for Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram and SRT)
3. The service advisor plugs a device into your car and inspects your vehicle, adding any additional problems on the vehicle that weren't reported
4. Special offers and any special news about your vehicle are transmitted through the web-based platform straight to you
5. Work that needs to be done on your vehicle is communicated to you and the service technician within seconds
6. The quote for your vehicle repairs is printed swiftly and the order is sent along to service
7. All of the service history on your car for the past two years comes up instantaneously, allowing you to see what was done on your last service visit
8. Any special concerns that you may have about the service of your vehicle are immediately addressed

WIADVISOR changes the management of your service appointment from one that occurs behind the reception desk to one that is based around your car. With so much technology helping so many different areas of our lives, Toronto customers can now take advantage of this new technology now enhancing your experience at Ontario Chrysler's service department.

Contact us to find out more about this innovative new technology.