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Tire Repair

It is important to check the tires and wheels of your vehicle on a regular basis to get the most out of them, improve your vehicle’s handling, as well as ensure that you get the maximum fuel economy. While tires connect the surface of the road to your entire vehicle, having the perfect wheel that is mounted and balanced will give you great steering response and manoeuvrability.

Tires are an integral part of the suspension system in your vehicle, and they transmit the different forces of braking, steering and driving to a road’s surface. Maintenance of your tires can be easily overlooked, but taking good care of your tires and keeping them well maintained can influence how comfortable the ride is, how long the tire treads last and how well your vehicle performs. Tire rotation, alignment and balance are all part of tire service and maintenance.

When your tires wear out too quickly, it’s usually because they haven’t been rotated properly and the tire inflation levels are not accurate. When tires are inflated correctly, their sidewalls are durable. If there’s not enough air in your tires the sidewalls will be too flexible that can wear down the sidewalls. If there’s too much air in your tires on the other hand, there will be too much centre tread wear. Improper tire wear caused by inaccurate tire inflation can also cause issues with your vehicle alignment.

Many vehicle wheels made today are made from aluminum, steel, or aluminum alloy. New wheels for your vehicle can make your handling and steering better as well as improve the appearance of your car, SUV or truck. Contact us today to find out more about the best wheel for your vehicle.

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