Transmission Repair

Every part of your vehicle’s transmission is lubricated by its transmission fluid. If your car, SUV or truck has automatic transmission, the fluid not only lubricates but also acts as a power transmitter and coolant. The way to tell if your transmission fluid is leaking or a related part is damaged is by a reddish puddle of fluid that will appear under your vehicle. This can be caused by a loose or punctured fluid pan, a drain plug that’s loose, or a damaged pan gasket. Your vehicle’s transmission pan holds all the transmission fluid and is located at the bottom of your transmission. The drain plug allows for the transmission fluid to be drained from the transmission pan, so it needs to be secured correctly. The pan gasket, a mechanical seal between the transmission and the oil pan, and is one of the most frequent reasons that transmission fluid leaks.

Other reasons this could happen are cracked fluid lines, bad seals, a damaged torque converter, or damaged transmission oil cooler. The fluid lines transport the transmission fluid to a cooler, and they can become cracked due to the high temperatures they are exposed to. Each transmission component has a seal to prevent leakage of the transmission fluid, and sometimes the seals can become damaged. The torque converter in cars with automatic transmissions acts like the manual clutch in cars with manual transmission. It builds pressure and sends fluid through the transmission system with its hydraulic pump, and if it cracks or gets damaged in any way, a transmission fluid leak will result. The oil cooler keeps the fluid temperature in your car down and the transmission fluid flows through. If this becomes damaged the transmission fluid can become mixed with the coolant and leak in the colour of a strawberry milkshake.

We can examine your vehicle to find out the reason for the transmission fluid leak and fix it before there’s any costly damage done to your vehicle due to transmission malfunction.

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