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To inspect and repair automotive air conditioning systems, it helps to understand that most air conditioning systems in vehicles are similarly designed. Each air conditioning system is comprised of a few basic components that are connected by pipes and hoses. The main reason of the components working together is to achieve passengers’ comfort level within the vehicle cabin.
Running totally independently of all other mechanical systems under your vehicle’s hood, the air conditioning system is pressurized and sealed. To inspect it and ensure it’s functioning properly, you have to monitor the system’s internal operating pressures. There is little that can be done if a well-operating set of refrigeration gauges isn’t functioning right. But inspecting your car’s air conditioning system on your own can be a great tool for preventative maintenance.

To start a simple air conditioning system inspection, first make a visual inspection of all the components, seeking out any visible damage on any of these parts:

  • Clutch and compressor
  • Compressor drive belt tension and condition
  • An oily or plugged evaporator drain tube
  • Corroded connections
  • Blocked condenser fins
  • Any blown fuses
  • Disconnected or broken wires
  • Poorly insulated parts

Another thing to keep in mind is to look for signs of leaking oil from any of the connecting lines or components. What is transported through the entire system is compressor lubricant, along with the refrigerant. If you see any oily residue on any of the components, it’s often a sign of refrigerant leaking. Any oily spots on lines or hoses, in particular at each tubing connection and hose are things to look out for. If oily deposits exist, there’s a good chance your vehicle’s air conditioning system has a leak. In this case it should be checked by a professional. Contact us to find out more about your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

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