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Electrical Inspection

Flashing is the reprogramming of your automotive engine control modules, referred to as ECMs. All late-model vehicles utilize ECMs and at Ontario Chrysler we handle their inspection and repair. Powertrain control modules, or PCMs, are small computers with a microprocessor, some RAM memory, chips for sensor inputs, output drivers, and a PROM which stands for programmable read-only memory chip. The flashing is the PROM part of the ECM and it’s used to calibrate it to run a designated engine. When you first start up your car by turning on the ignition, the ECM powers up sort of like a desktop personal computer does. Part of what the microprocessor in the ECM does is to read the PROM, which calibrates everything to control a powertrain and engine.

In the early 1990s technology enabled the recalibration of an ECM through the reprogramming of an erasable programmable read-only memory, or EDPROM. Then with a repair method that included electric erasing and programming, flashing became the next step. Now with flash technology, the flash-PROM can be deleted and reprogrammed in one step. While the flash is reprogramming, all of the data being inputted to the flash-PROM becomes verified so you know it is accurate.

Most new vehicles in the present day are flash programmable, and we can handle the task of programming your car’s ECM. We have the specialized equipment to perform flash programming including the automotive scan tool, our desktop personal computer, a programming power supply and the harness/cable set with the calibration software CD. This way we can supply you with all of your automotive programming needs.

When we complete the procedure for flash programming of an ECM for you, we select the right cables and harness for the application, connect the ECM to the programmer off-board, and turn on the flash system. Once the flash software powers up on our personal computer, we enter your vehicle’s make, model, year and VIN number. Then we verify and program your ECM.

Contact us with any questions about electrical flash inspection and repair of your ECM.

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